‘Environmental Law 2020 – Trends and Developments’ India chapter

Environmental Protection and Climate Action in India

India is expected to be an engine of global economic growth in the decades to come, despite a slowdown in recent months resulting from the black-swan event that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, India has set its sights on becoming a USD5 trillion economy by the financial year 2024-25. In keeping with present trends, a concomitant of this growth will be rapid urbanisation, increased industrialisation, a growing population, and greater energy consumption. Coupled with the clear and present threat of climate change, these factors create an imperative that such development does not come at the cost of the environment. This article highlights trends and issues that define or are expected to characterise India’s sustainability efforts and challenges.

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The chapter was co-authored by Vishnu Sudarsan, Anupam Varma, Vinod Kumar and Kartikeya GS. The chapter published by Chambers & Partners.