Sector Category: Urban Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Public Procurement

JSA has extensive experience in doing seminal work for policy makers, civil society, consumers, utilities, lenders, developers and suppliers, multilateral institutions (World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc) and Bilateral Institutions (DFID, KFW etc).

The firm has regularly advised various stakeholders in the structuring and implementing legal, regulatory & contractual frameworks for implementing municipal & developmental/social infrastructure & projects, including:

  • Water supply
  • Solid waste management
  • Hazardous waste management systems
  • Rural education
  • Structuring of innovative institutional and financial mechanisms to fund such developments in Private & Public Private Partnerships


JSA also has extensive international experience in the procurement, negotiation and governance of PPPs in India. Our team has been involved as the legal advisor in a majority of large PPP infrastructure projects in India, including privatisation, statutory unbundling and restructuring advisory.

We have handled transactions in all major infrastructure domains where PPP has proven its added value such as education, tourism, healthcare, safety, exhibition-cum-convention centres, real estate, roads, airports, manufacturing, railways, power, ports and other industries. With our extensive experience in conceptualising, structuring, negotiating and implementing successful PPPs, we are able to work with companies, both from the private as well as from the public sector, in simplifying the complex PPP process.

Our multidisciplinary team is equipped to assist clients at each stage of the project. With an in-depth domain understanding of the sectors, our lawyers are enabled to provide hands-on practical advice to the clients. Gauging the requirements of the mandate, we compile a team of lawyers best suited to realise the delivery of PPP transactions. We have counselled project sponsors, bidders, and investment funds on diverse forms of PPP transactions, including the buy side and sell side PPP transactions.

Procurement law is an important field in India, with the recent amendments by various central and state governments including the Central Vigilance Commission to regulate procurement by public authorities and award valuable contracts for works, supplies and services. We are recognised as having a leading public procurement practice. Our clients include government departments, private agencies, public bodies, utilities, suppliers and investors.

As a part of this practice, we also work alongside the governments, governmental agencies or government sponsored entities in conceptualising amendments to various legislations, drafting legislations, delegated legislations and policies.

We have also been involved in some strategic initiatives (at times pro-bono) to build capacity in public institutions.

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