The employability of artificial intelligence in the legal sector: should robots aid or call the shots?


Human civilisation has come a long way from the era of telephones to the metaverse. Technology has revolutionised the world in multiple manifestations. As the most contemporary demonstration of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world in its stride. The contemporary AI market of multi-US$100bn is reported to reach US$2tn by 2030. The exponential surge of AI market is reflective of its rising demand across industries. While the advantages of AI are unparalleled, challenges such as AI-induced risks are not uncommon. Consequently, amid the global stir around GPT-4 acing the Uniform Bar Exam, and predictions of AI replacing legal professionals, the permissible degree of intrusion of AI in legal sectors across jurisdictions needs ample deliberation.

Please click here to read the full article by Gaurav G Arora and Aditi Richa Tiwary, published in International Bar Association.