Embracing Diversity At The Workplace: Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

What is diversity and inclusion?

There is no better example than mother nature when we speak about diversity and inclusion. Every single thing on earth has a role to play, a well-intended purpose! Nature teaches us that diversity is critical for not just a resilient and regenerative system, but also for a balanced and sustainable one. Likewise, India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, having varied topographies, cultures, customs, languages, traditions, rituals, cuisines, festivals etc. and yet, there is an underlying ‘Indian-ness’ that binds everything together.

Although the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are often used in the same breath, it needs to be understood that both are two distinct aspects in order to address them meaningfully. While one may recognize diversity, one may not necessarily be inclusive or promote equity. It is as simple as being invited to a gathering but not being included in the activities of the group.

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