International Women’s Day | Impact of the pandemic on gender equality

The Covid-19 pandemic persists a year down the line, and while the country is jogging back to a semblance of normalcy, not everyone will make it past the finish line at the same pace. For some of us, the pandemic has had a harsher impact than others. Women across the world have had to bear a more severe fallout from Covid-19, unlike their male counterparts.

While we work tirelessly to achieve the end goal of gender equality, this past year threatens to reset some of the progress made in this regard. Using data and trends from unemployment surveys in the United States and India where gender-disaggregated data is available, the study estimates that female job loss rates owing to COVID-19 are about 1.8 times higher than the male job loss rates globally, at 5.7% versus 3.1%, respectively.

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