Top Tips for Doing Capital Markets Deals in India

India is the largest country and economy in South Asia. Capital markets lawyers from outside India may have many reasons
to find themselves involved in capital markets deals in India. This may include advising:

On an initial public offering (IPO) of an Indian company where part of the offering will also be sold outside India.

On a debt offering of an Indian company where the offering will be sold outside India.

What is considered the best advice to give foreign lawyers can vary by the type of transaction or the industry sector of the deal. This Note outlines top tips that may apply to general equity transactions in India and offshore debt transactions involving Indian issuers. In addition to general top tips, it covers some other points for a foreign lawyer to be aware of in relation to regulatory review and approvals, transaction communications and disclosure requirements, and other legal and
regulatory issues that may impact capital markets deals in India. This Note is based mainly on insights shared by Indian counsel Rohitashwa Prasad and Uttara Kolhatkar of J. Sagar Associates.

Please refer to the below document to read the full publication by Dina Wadia, Rohitashwa Prasad, Uttara Kolhatkar, and Adil Khan, published in Thomson Reuters.

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