“Shall” Shocked

“Shall” is an interesting and peculiar word.  Why would I describe a five-letter common place monosyllable word like that?  In English grammarshall is one of the  “modal verbs” (also called “helping verbs”) like can, will, could, shall, must, would, might, and should. The purpose of a modal verb is to add meaning to the main verb in a sentence by expressing possibility, ability, permission, or obligation. For example, “You must complete this task on time”; “He might be the inspiration for my life”; “The doctor can see you now”.  “Shall” is an interesting word because, in ordinary English, it is the least used modal verb. The most common ones are will, may, can, should, and would.  Shall is a peculiar word because it is the most frequently used modal verb in legal drafting.

Read the full article by Jyoti Sagar published in BW Legal World, Mondaq and Bar and Bench.