India: ‘555 95472′ Our Future? India’s Unique Health ID

It was on September 30, 1963, that Charles Schulz first used 555 95472 to introduce one of his comic characters in his much-loved Peanuts series. More than a half century ago, he recognised, so to say, the replacement of numbers for names.

In August 2020, the National Digital Health Mission (or, to give its rightful name, Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission) was launched as a pilot project, with the intention of inclusive access to healthcare for all. This adheres to the Government of India’s aim to achieve the goals of the National Health Policy, 2017, especially increasing access, improving quality, and lowering the cost of healthcare delivery while continuing to focus on integrating the digital healthcare industry with other policy initiatives such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Standards, 2016, NITI Aayog’s National Health Stack, 2018, and the National Digital Health Blueprint, 2019.

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