Acquisition of Liberate Group by MPS Limited through its subsidiary MPS Interactive Systems Limited

  • Deal
  • September 1, 2023

MPS Interactive Systems Limited, one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of MPS Limited acquired 65% of the issued and paid-up share capital of Liberate Group i.e. Liberate Learning Pty Ltd (Australia), Liberate eLearning Pty Ltd (Australia), App-eLearn Pty Ltd (Australia), and Liberate Learning Limited (New Zealand) by executing a Share Purchase Agreement.

MPS Limited is a public listed company and leading global provider of platforms and content solutions for the digital world. MPS Interactive Systems Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary and eLearning arm of MPS Limited and provides diversified and innovative learning and technology solutions such as gamification, simulations, custom eLearning, AR and VR, to its customers.

Liberate Group is a well-known learning provider in Australia and provides digital, blended learning, and training solutions to its customers such as government organisations including local authorities or agencies, private companies, partnerships, body corporate, associations, universities, education institutions, banks and financial institutions all over the world.

The acquisition of Liberate Group will further the inherent momentum in the eLearning business of MPS by expansion into the APAC Market, an untapped geography for MPS. MPS will benefit from the significant operational efficiency gains enabled by Liberate Group’s unique, flexible, and scalable high-performing operating model.

The transaction involved upfront acquisition of 65% of the capital of each of the Liberate Group entities by MPS Interactive Systems Limited. The structure involved an earnout arrangement including deferred payment, along with the acquisition of the remaining 35% shareholding of each entity within the Liberate Group in tranches.

JSA was involved in all aspects of the transaction which involved conducting due diligence on the Liberate Group, negotiating transaction documents including share purchase agreement, put and call deed and shareholders agreement on behalf of MPS Limited.

Our Transaction Team Comprised Lead Parnter – Manvinder Singh, Partner – Anant Mishra, Senior Associate – Archi Roy, Associate – Pragya Pandey, Adarsh Raj Singh, Rupaly Middha and Pranav Rao N