Work Culture In 2022: Hybrid Is The New Normal?

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, corporates were pushed to quickly switch to a work-from-home (WFH) model. As the gate towards normalcy attempts to open, businesses are now faced with testing times to find the right balance between an online and offline work setup. In a pre-COVID era, what was otherwise considered an exception, now seems to be an accepted ‘new normal’. To that end, businesses worldwide are starting to peel off their birds-eye reservations around a WFH setup, and are revamping their former conventional ideologies and practices to accommodate a paradigm shift in work culture, with an increasing acceptance towards a WHF or a hybrid working model – and in some cases, even on a permanent basis.

While reports suggest that in the past one year, employee wellbeing and productivity have significantly improved within their organizations – leading to a positive overall impact on revenue growth, undoubtedly from a legal perspective, a hybrid working model may potentially result in several employment-related implications and nuances. But what comes next as the foreseeable pre-dominant question, is the sustainability of such a working model on a long-term basis in India, especially considering the position of law as it stands on date.

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