What is and What Isn’t in the WhatsApp Privacy Policy

When WhatsApp Head, Will Cathcart, announced that WhatsApp is in competition with other service providers on the privacy issue, he was clarifying his stand on a heated debate that has been burning the social media world. Would WhatsApp consciously commit to a change in its committed practice that would incur a migration of its users to other messaging platforms, knowing that people have choices in how they communicate and are free to exercise this right? Would an App alter its policy to jeopardize its loyal user base?

In an endeavour to be transparent to its users, WhatsApp shared its Privacy Policy which aims to improve its people-to-business features. It informed users that their metadata may be shared with businesses they would like to communicate with. This data included the phone number, profile names and pictures, and diagnostic data, not the content of any chat, which was encrypted and not accessible to WhatsApp itself.

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