Transforming from a student to a practitioner of law can be overwhelming as a lot of responsibility vests on your shoulders

Abhay Agarwal shared his views via a Q&A published in Super Lawyer.

To start our conversation on a lighter note, we would love to know what made you choose law as a career option?

Since my childhood, I was unsure of what career to pursue. The choices oscillated from being an economist, a journalist, an architecture and even a chef. Being a lawyer was never on the list. It was quite usual in our school for students with commerce background to take up chartered accountancy after 12th. However, in my quest to study something more versatile, I ended up taking law since law is multidisciplinary in character. Perhaps law is the only field in which, depending on one’s practice area, knowledge of other subjects such as economics, finance and even psychology is also essential. Hence, the decision to choose law.

We would definitely like to know about the struggles you faced in your early years as a student and after you pursued law

Being a first-generation lawyer that too from a non-national law school was challenging. Given that the law school was fairly new, we did not have a huge alumnus base and getting internships was a dauting task. Read More