The curious question of Indemnity and Vaccines – Search for Uniformity

Instead of having an arbitrary policy, the Indian Government should have a uniform and clear stand of providing indemnity to vaccine manufacturers, in case of any ASE arising out of usage of the vaccines.

With the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic causing mayhem to the Indian healthcare system, the spotlight has been on the vaccination drive to effectively create immunization amongst the population. The Indian Government is currently negotiating with Pfizer for its vaccine to be supplied to India, but a major roadblock is Pfizer’s demand for an indemnity clause from the Government for any claims for adverse side effects (“ASE”) from the administration of its vaccine. To expedite the supply of additional vaccines in the Indian market, the Government has tentatively agreed to provide a conditional indemnity (on reasonable grounds) to Pfizer, marking a departure from its earlier stance on indemnity to vaccine manufacturers.

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