“Seat” versus “venue” – the saga resurrects

Indian Arbitration scenario has faced the challenge of judicial intervention and conflicting judgements vis-a’-vis designation of “seat” and “venue”. While, venue is merely a geographical location where the arbitration is conducted, seat determines the legal jurisdiction governing the arbitration proceeding. Complications can arise when a contract designates a specific “seat” while at the same time, confer jurisdiction on Court located in a different place.

This aspect was settled by Supreme Court in celebrated judgement of BALCO vs. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc. (2012) 9 SCC 552 and thereafter explained in judgement of BGS SGS Soma vs. NHPC (2020) 4 SCC 234. In these judgments concept of “contra indica” was developed as a test for determining “seat” of arbitration. However, recently various High Courts have given a different interpretation of contra indicia, again resurrecting confusion between seat and venue of arbitration.

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