National Monetization Pipeline: Facilitating India’s Infrastructure Boom through Asset Monetization

The Government of India (GOI) in August 2021 Tannounced the National Monetization Plan (NMP) with the aim of monetizing public sector assets valued at approximately Indian Rupees 6.000 billion The goal of NMP is to tap into private investment for enhancing the value of brownfield public assets for greenfield asset creation. As part of the NMP the assets selected would be de-risked public assets with stable revenue generation with the overall transaction structured around grant of revenue collection rights to private players

The transportation sector forms a critical part of the NMP with 27% of the assets, in value terms, in the roadways sector 20% in railways, and 4% in aviation earmarked for monetization.

Please refer to the below document to read the full Article by Ashish Suman and Ayan Sinha, published in Legal Industry Reviews (November edition)