Secular investment theme in healthcare : Future of Deal-making – Capital Privado Series in association with (HT Media)

This episode had Rupinder Malik and Sidharrth Shankar Partners JSA in conversation with Ankur Thadani, Partner, TPG Growth and Rise sharing their views on the “Secular investment theme in healthcare” : The Heart of Future Dealmaking’. The panel was moderated by Shrija Agarwal, Executive Editor, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times Media Group, publishers of

In the third dispatch of our special series ‘Future of Dealmaking Season 2: Capital Privado’, Ankur Thadani, Partner, TPG Growth and Rise; Rupinder Malik, Partner, JSA and Sidharrth Shankar, Partner, JSA come together to discuss the investment trajectory of the life sciences sector in a post-Covid world. According to Thadani, the impact of the pandemic on healthcare is not transient but the start of a very secular investment theme. He adds that we are guaranteed to see a huge amount of supply enhancement on vaccines, injectables and such products in the near future. Shankar said that investments worth $3-5billion are expected to be mobilised in the pharmaceutical sector in this financial year. As the discussion progresses, Rupinder, touches upon the topic of mental health and brings to light the fact that there’s a tremendous shortage of mental health professionals and infrastructure in India today. To know more, watch the full video.