Future of Deal Making – Capital Privado Series in association with livemint.com (HT Media)

This episode had Upendra Nath Sharma and Nitin Potdar in conversation with Vishal Tulsyan, CEO and MD, Motilal Oswal Private Equity sharing their views on the ‘Future of Dealmaking: Decoding mid-market private equity in 2021’. The panel was moderated by Shrija Agarwal, Executive Editor, Executive Editor, Hindustan Times Media Group, publishers of livemint.com

2020 was a rollercoaster ride for India’s financial markets and the pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the country’s mid-market private equity activities. However, India’s economic rebound in the second half of 2020 has continued to drive very strong sentiment in public markets to the extent that experts expect private equity investment to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels in 2021. In the second episode of our special series Future of Dealmaking Season 2: Capital Privado, we take a deep dive to explore the mid-market segment of the Indian economy as an investment opportunity for private equity players and discover how private investment has helped this sector grow over the years. In a panel discussion, Vishal Tulsyan – CEO and MD of Motilal Oswal Private Equity along with Nitin Potdar and Upendra Nath Sharma, partners at law firm JSA open up on trends in the mid-market private equity space. According to Tulsyan, India has largely been a mid-market play with more than 80% of deals in terms of number of transactions being mid-market companies. However, he also alludes to the fact that India is a capital starved country and needs capital both in terms of equity and debt. To this Nitin Potdar adds that while private equity has proved to be a comparatively smart form of capital by bringing in a broader perspective in companies, old economy promoters are still hesitant to take private equity due to its robustness and slightly assertive nature. As the conversation progresses Upendra Sharma reveals how due diligence has changed significantly as more deals get struck in a virtual environment. To know more, watch the full video.