India Today Infra Conclave | Getting Infrastructure Financing Right: Innovations And Possibilities

Our Joint Managing Partner Amit Kapur participated in a panel discussion at the India Today Infra Conclave on the theme “Getting Infrastructure Financing Right: Innovations and Possibilities” which was held on 18th November in New Delhi. The session also included senior dignitaries like Punjab & Sind Bank Non-Executive Chairman Dr. Charan Singh and Harry Dhaul, Director General, Security Watch India. The session focused on addressing how India plans to finance its infrastructure upgrades.

As part of the discussion, Amit addressed whether there is a perceptible shift in the dynamics of debt markets, project structuring, and government reliance for regulatory approvals, as the government endeavours to de-risk projects, or are we potentially reverting to past challenges in project viability.

Amit highlighted the challenges in India’s infrastructure financing, emphasizing the mismatch between long-term asset lifespans and short-term debt structures. He adds that there is a need for a comprehensive and citizen-focused approach, efficient contract management, and regulatory reforms are underscored to address the complexities in infrastructure development and reduce the burden on consumers.