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Transport sector – Budget 2021

Monetization of dedicated freight corridor after commissioning will induce not only operational efficiencies but also the desired level of liquidity for expanding and increasing the pace of rollout of DFC corridor and effectiveness of India’s logistics and transport sector.  Such asset monetisation will attract both, domestic and international investors, if its underpinned by an effective institutional and regulatory framework for DFC corridor. National Asset Monetisation pipeline coupled with focus on infrastructure spending – especially roads, ports and airports and railways, with conciliatory mechanism for dispute resolution in contracts with PSU will catalyse investments in the infrastructure sector, and put the economy on high growth plan and give the economy the required push.

Quote on Transport sector – Budget 2021 by Vishnu Sudarsan published in Mondaq.

National Infrastructure Pipeline – Infrastructure Development, Budget 2021

The budget speech expectedly has given a strong signal for infrastructure development focusing on actualizing the ambitious national infrastructure pipeline targeting an investment of Rs.111 lakh crores over 5 years. The signal comes from the announced budgetary allocations and decisions (a) central allocation of Rs5.54 lakh crores, (b) state allocations of Rs.2 lakh crores, (c) announcement to tap into budgetary resources of PSUs and wide-ranging InvITs monetising assets in highways, power transmission, gas pipelines, dedicated freight corridors, airport.

The above announcements are strengthened by announcement of establishing Bad Bank in nature of AMC; a development financial institution with a seed investment of Rs.20,000 crores and a target to be build a lending portfolio of Rs. 5 lakh crores in 3 years; an extensive disinvestment program with target of Rs.1.75 lakh crores; zero coupon bonds that will help arrange the infra financing.

The devil lies in the details and the success in reviving the economy would depend on effective structural reforms in infrastructure sectors removing barriers to growth + how the government goes about monetising the land bank and assets held by PSUs.

Quote by Amit Kapur published in Business World, Deccan Herald, Firstpost, News Free Ads World and Mumbai Live.