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SEBI’s views of accessibility and legibility

A summary of the Accessibility Guidelines are as follows:

Quick Response Code (“QR Code”)

For all draft red herring prospectuses (“DRHPs”) filed on or after April 1, 2022, the cover page of the DRHP, red herring prospectus or prospectus(“offer document”) should contain a QR Code which links to a separate page on the website of the lead merchant banker (colloquially known as the left lead), where the offer documents, abridged prospectus, any corrigenda or addenda, and price band advertisement is available.

The QR Code should lead through not more than one click through filter (for jurisdiction specific restrictions or disclaimers) to the offering material.

Non-left lead merchant bankers may continue to upload the document based on current practices.


Content of offer documents

Cover Page: To ensure legibility, the Accessibility Guidelines sets out that the cover page of offer documents (containing the QR Code), should be at least font size 10 with utilisation of margins to ensure space for the increased font size.

Financials: Financial statements should be included in a manner such that legibility is ensured, including through use of landscape formats and narrower page margins.

Capital Structure: Details of allottees should be included in the table itself to the extent possible, especially for allotments to promoters, members of the promoter group or institutional shareholders. Only disclosures on allotments to employees or a large number of allottees should be provided in paragraph form through footnotes.

Risk Factors: Language in risk factors should be simplified to avoid repetition within and across risk factors. Percentages, wherever are mentioned, should be accompanied with corresponding numerical amounts. Data, as much as possible, should be presented in a tabular format for better understanding and legibility.


SEBI Observation responses and UDRHP

SEBI Responses: SEBI response should be properly formatted and with font size of at least 10. Responses provided to SEBI observations should clearly indicate whether the information is proposed to be disclosed in the offer document or is for SEBI’s review only. If data is not proposed to be disclosed, the rationale for the same should be clearly mentioned.

UDRHP: Changes to offer document as a result of SEBI observations should be highlighted in a different colour, in the comparison submitted to SEBI, for easier review.


Main board listing

All advertisements relating to an issue, should clearly disclose that the securities will be listed on the main board or on SME platforms. Similar disclosures to be made in case of advertisements for rights issues.


This blog is written by Pracheta Bhattacharya and Harish Choudhary.