Trade Finance

Our lawyers assist clients in developing, structuring and executing a broad spectrum of transactions related to trade finance, involving product specific or deal specific documentation and advice. We have in-depth experience in different aspects of the trade side, be it import, export or localized. We are able to quickly identify the needs of our clients and offer them innovative solutions, which satisfy commercial strategies and Indian legal and regulatory requirements.

Our team works with corporates, domestic and foreign banks and financial institutions, factoring companies and shipping and logistics companies on diverse transactions in this area and has the unique ability to provides seamless litigation support on such transactions turning contentious.

Our scope of services in connection with trade financing has included:

  • Advising clients on domestic factoring transactions under the Indian Factoring Regulation Act;
  • Advising clients on advance payment supply arrangements, pre-pay and pre-export financing transactions;
  • Advising clients on pre-shipment financing and post-shipment financing;
  • Advising clients on commodity trade financing and import credits on capital and non-capital goods;
  • Advising clients on various cross border trade structures, including high sea sales;
  • Advising clients on supply chain financing and receivable purchase transactions;
  • Advising clients on warehouse financing and warehouse receipts;
  • Advising clients on applicable regulations relating to trade financing transactions, including without limitation the foreign exchange regulations where applicable;
  • Advising clients on security and guarantee features and related aspects based on prevalent market practice;
  • Preparing and finalizing the entire set of documentation for factoring and collection transactions;
  • Issuance of legal memoranda (as requested by the clients) in relation to novel structures to address market realities such as digitization and on-line platforms for trade financing structures; and
  • Providing miscellaneous advice on the aforesaid transactions including stamp duty and statutory filings.

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