JSA has an expert team offering advice on diverse aspects of Information Technology; IT-enabled services and outsourcing work. Our firm has in the past advised clients in negotiating domestic and international outsourcing agreements, R&D and joint development agreements, counselling on preserving rights in technology and technology licensing agreements.

JSA provides value added legal services across the whole range of innovative technologies. Our Technology Law Practice Group offers specialist advice on all aspects of information technology; IT enabled services and outsourcing work. Our TLP group advises creators, licensors, buyers, sellers and users of information and technology, on all aspects of technology law.

Some of the specific areas where we advise clients are:

  • Data Protection, Privacy and Information Management
  • Global Technology Agreements and Transactions
  • Internet-enabled product and service offerings
  • Cyber Security
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Outsourcing and Client Service Offerings

Last Updated on 25th January, 2019

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