J. Sagar Associates | COVID -19 JSA Operational Preparedness | March 2020

COVID -19 JSA Operational Preparedness


JSA Operational Preparedness – Further Notice

Social Distancing & Our Meetings

Practicing social distancing allows our attorney, staff and client health to be a top priority while continuing work on our matters. All of our meetings continue to be conducted via teleconference, or web based video facilities.  We will circulate the dial-in details to all participants once the meeting is confirmed.
 Please continue to communicate with your regular point of contact within the firm for services or support.


We request that all documents and papers be sent electronically as staff is unlikely to be available to receive documents at our offices until further notice.

Court Hearings 

Hearings before Courts and Tribunals will not be taken up unless shown to be urgent. Please continue to remain in touch with your regular contact in our Disputes team for further updates.

Payment of Invoices

 Please arrange payment of invoices via online banking. Our account details are provided on each invoice. Should you have any difficulty in making payment or have any queries, please email us at or you may contact Mr. Kamal Kumar - General Manager Accounts and or Mr. Bhushan Dhingra - Manager Accounts.

We appreciate your understanding and wish you and your family good health.

Best regards,
JSA Team


  JSA Operational Preparedness

JSA’s operational readiness and assurance to deal with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation

As COVID-19 has become a matter of global concern and India, as a country has not remained unaffected, we have taken proactive measures to minimise the chances of spreading of the virus. First and foremost, JSA’s number one priority is the safety and well-being of our people, clients, families, and the communities in which we live and work. We are also continuously watching and adhering to the advisories issued by the Indian Government as also those of international health agencies. 

At the same time we have taken several steps to ensure that we continue to deliver service to our clients and wish to communicate our operational readiness to continue providing uninterrupted services to you.

Business Continuity Plan and Remote Working: 

We do understand that in the current COVID -19 situations your organisation may have put in place measures such as restrictions on travelling and on holding meetings in person.

Please note that while we have also put restrictions in place on meetings in person, we have instituted remote working options and facilities for all our attorneys and support staff to ensure we continue to service our clients. We will be available to conduct any meeting over conference calls or any web based meeting applications, if necessary.

With 7 offices in India with a total strength of over 320 lawyers, we are technologically set up to use our systems optimally and handle several meetings at the same time. We use Microsoft O-365 platform which allows all our people to remotely access all documents securely. All our professional colleagues are fully equipped to work remotely.

We are filing all official documents electronically and our docketing and e-filing teams have full remote access to file any urgent documentation/application even after regular office hours. We have also made the necessary arrangements to equip all our support employees with the remote working facility in order to address any long term emergency situation. 

Internal Precautions:

On account of the deteriorating situation worldwide and cases being reported in India, JSA has put into place the following measures with immediate effect and until further advice: 

A complete travel ban to China, Iran, Korea, UAE, Spain, France and Italy as notified by the Indian Government. This may be extended to other countries as and when notified or deemed necessary. 

  1. The cancellation of all planned travel for business development/conferences.
  2. Avoidance of any non-essential domestic travel. 
  3. Restriction on face to face meetings unless absolutely essential and with suitable precautions.
  4. Institution of remote working facilities for our attorneys and staff.
  5. Asking our people to stay at home and self quarantine in case they have any flu-like symptoms until fully recovered.
  6. Should any one of us and/or our family members have travelled to one these countries, the employee/ retainers are required to immediately report and will not be permitted to come to our offices for a period of 14 days or such other period as may be advised.
  7. Avoiding receiving guests in our respective office premises unless absolutely essential.
  8. Sanitisation of all our offices and work spaces.
  9. Training and dissemination of information on a regular basis to our people regarding sanitary/hygiene precautions against the virus.

We are confident that we will continue to provide uninterrupted services to you as usual even if there is any emergency. Our email communication will continue to function undisrupted. 

Our Executive Committee is constantly monitoring the situation and is following all recommendations of the Indian government and local authorities as well as following the guidance from the WHO. 

We hope that this crisis will pass soon and we will all be back to business as usual. Until then we wish you and your teams and families good health. 

Best regards,

JSA Team

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