Energy sector presents a challenging environment owing to the dynamic and multifaceted factors that are at play. For energy deficient country like in India this is a critical sector. We represent clients in the hydrocarbon (oil and gas) across the entire spectrum of upstream exploration and production (offshore and onshore) to transportation and downstream refining and distribution. In the power sector (both conventional and renewable) we work across the entire gamut of generation, transmission and distribution.

We provide end to end legal services in this sector – through the project life cycle. The legal work we do in this sector extends from general corporate and commercial work (including contracting for producers and service suppliers); financing including project financing; acquisitions and divestments; private placement of equity and initial public offerings; and dispute resolution including regulatory disputes.

The most extensive area of our expertise in this sector is regulatory and policy including all aspects of licensing, market structures, competition, performance standards; tariffs; environmental and sustainable development issues and lastly but not the least compliance. We have extensive practice before regulatory authorities in this sector including electricity regulatory commissions and central and state level and petroleum and natural gas regulatory board. We also advise government and regulatory authorities on development of legal, regulatory and policy frameworks and promotion of Public – Private Partnership in this sector.

JSA represents a wide range of entities in the sector, including state owned and private utilities, contractors, off-takers, central and state governments, lenders, development agencies, state electricity regulatory commissions; Oil & Gas companies and oil field service providers.

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